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    #LITMOW(Love in the Midst of War)   

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    Help A Child Today, Tomorrow May Never Come 

    Our Challenges Shouldn't Define But Refine Us           

    Let's Be the Voice of the Voiceless. Say NO to Child Abuse 

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    A nation which seeks to better her future must invest in her children because they are the future.

    Let’s join hands to ensure that children are not denied of their basic rights.

    Let’s make the sacrifices today; that will ensure the greatness of our tomorrow.


who we are

Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation is a non-profit Organization which was founded on the 13th of June, 2015 by Wadi Ben-Hirki, a 20 year old graduate(alumna) of Covenant University. We believe that every child has the right to learn and access to education transforms the lives of children and their families and an educated population is the foundation for sustainable development.

area of focus

Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation is currently based in Northern Nigeria although we have visited a few places in other parts of Nigeria and we are currently taking care of quite a number of women and a lot of children across the country. Our current focus is Northern Nigeria due to the insurgency in that part of the country and due to the fact that illiteracy and poverty rates are highest in Northern Nigeria. We hope to reach out to other parts of Nigeria, Africa and the world at large as we grow and expand.


- To harness and focus on the potentials of the less-privileged children towards skills acquisition for the social and economic growth and development of Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.
- To raise funds for charity homes, schools and colleges to enable children attend at reduced/no cost.
- To support less-privileged children in schools with scholarships and donations of food, shelter, clothing and stationary.
- To give charitable aid to any child or institution, which the Foundation may deem fit.

vision statement

Reigniting the lost hope of the hurting women and children

present and future projects

Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation is currently running a couple of projects


#EveryChildIsYourChild: It is sad news that we live in a world filled with mostly cold people who have probably experienced the bad side of life and see no reason to express the opposite to the people around them. This is how #every child is your child campaign came about. Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation has a long-term vision that someday, human beings will all be treated equally and this birthed another campaign #Fight Unequal. Inequality has led to so many vices in our society today. Using Nigeria as a case study, Male and female genders are not treated equally, the gap between the rich and the poor is rather very huge, one tribe feels superior to another, one religion feels superior to another and the likes. Human beings are generally self-centred in nature and this has brought about a lot of mishaps and negative occurrences in the world today. ‘Every child is your child’ is one of our projects and we are basically trying to tell and teach everyone ways in which we could all treat other children as if they were our own biological children; especially the less privileged children in our world today. If those children are cared for and shown more love, the world as a whole will be a better place and there will be less incidents of crises, wars, famine among others.

sapphire by WBHF

SapphireByWBHF: This project is a brand under Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation that aims to raise funds through the sale of merchandise. In the long run, we hope to employ only less privileged, disabled and victimised children in order to train these children and organise skills-acquisition programs, seminars and workshops for them to acquire knowledge to help increase our production. Purchasing our branded items helps to save a child’s life.


#RescueMakoko: There is no trust more than that which the world holds with children. There is no duty more important than ensuring that their rights are respected, that their welfare is protected, that their lives are free from fear and want, that they can grow up in peace. Child education is essential for the nations future growth. Give the kids of Makoko a future to think of.


#Street2School: This is presently an infant project introduced by our organization and it is an innovation in emergency education because as the name implies, we aim at transforming the lives of many children who helplessly wander about the streets by taking them to good schools having well-trained teachers, and basic materials needed for children to learn and also acquire skills and vocations in order for them to be independent and fend for themselves and for them to become relevant in the society. The #Street2School initiative is an innovation in emergency education because it is centred on reigniting the hope of children who are helpless and homeless, most of them have lost either one or both parents or have lost the places in which they called home and seem to have given up on life entirely.


#GirlsNotWives: This is one of our initiatives, to promote gender equality in the society and reduce/stop child-bride marriages in most developing/under-developed countries in the world especially in Africa. It is also to ensure that girls have access to quality education and are empowered through workshops, seminars, skills acquisition etc in order to make money for themselves. We are also pushing towards stopping genital mutilation among women.


#LITMOW(Love In The Midst Of War): This project is only run in Northern Nigeria. Most especially, the North-Eastern part of the country which is greatly affected by the Boko Haram insurgency, claiming thousands of lives and property thereby displacing people. This project is aimed at reaching out to the people who were greatly affected by the Boko Haram attacks; especially the children. We aim at reaching out to them and showing love to them, even in the midst of war. This is the reason why Miss Wadi Ben-Hirki, the founder of this Organization visited Adamawa state, which is her state of origin, to help the survivors of the Boko Haram attacks over there live better lives.

My Mantra and Quotes

Every Child is your Child

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