As kids, we all grew up having one hero or the other, shaping how we perceived life and how we always hoped it would be. Our heroes were invincible, fearless, possessed super powers and abilities. They were unstoppable. We believed we could always count on them. . .we probably could bet our young adorable lives on that too.

Here at Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation, it is our dream that girls and women are those SHEROES. Many a time and over generations, a lot of young girls and women have felt neither powerful nor invincible. This has been as a result of the systemic oppression especially caused by spoken or unspoken policies, written and unwritten laws, gender bias that has kept girls and women less than where their God-given gifts, talents, and exceptional brain cells ought to have been showcased and much more than that – ought to have thrived.

We are changing that by letting a new breed of girls and women know that they are “Empowered to empower.” Sheroes teaches and provides safe spaces for girls and women, (with top priority placed on the victims of gender-based violence and abuse); for them to heal and when possible, seek out and get justice for them; giving the platform where they can channel these pains and experiences into purpose and productivity.

Every real growth and success take coming together. We do this through true collaboration and partnerships with our immediate communities, individuals, volunteers and some organizations. This has taken the shape of our various skill acquisitions and vocational training programmes that we often run and will continue to do so efficiently; taking on the wide gap of inequalities in work spaces either as an entrepreneurial venture or at your workplace by teaching how to walk the talk as we boldly declare, “None of us are equal until all of us are equal”; through meaningful outreach initiatives where we have women who are notable in their fields at local and national levels relate to these women at a level that is comprehendible; sharing their struggles, stories and life’s processes which made them who they are today; and providing the needed continuous support to make this our reality.

The importance of empowering women to come into their true identities can’t be overemphasized – financial liberation from the shackles of begging for breadcrumbs, independence, competence, accountability, and finally learning that we all should let ourselves be empowered for the next girl and woman out there. And by so doing, the whole world is empowered.

This is what we strive for and all our future endeavours and collaborations will only fight harder to encompass the heroism that womanhood bears and portrays. That we all are indeed unstoppable!

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