We stand together 

Hands clenched 

Fists held high 

Enough, we scream marching forward

Enough, the blood of our comrades from underneath the earth echo back 

Though our accents vary, our voices united

Uttering the silent dreams of generations before us 

We are the hope of the common man 

The torch that lay bare systems made for us 

But works against us 

We understand the intricacies of false promises 

This is what we have been fed since coming out of the wombs of our mothers 

And now, we stand United 

We stand as one 

Demanding justice for the blood of our comrades that flows through the city 

Unashamedly being comfortable in the paths we have forged for ourselves, our identity, our way of tilling the soil 

Our hands will only raise higher, our fists will only clench tighter 

Stop killing us, will you?


  1. The days have come when mental slavery earns medals of bravery,
    It’s hard to comprehend the savagery waiting on the world to get the clarity,
    Same stuff that make sad usually make me mad,
    Where is Nigeria heading to as a kind?
    The youth are no longer ignorant and we are not blind,
    I applaud your choice of words and I share my light on your vision,
    Keep it up for we are all in the same mission,
    From a fellow young Nigerian trying to see a better living,
    We have come to our breaking point and we are tired of forgiving…..

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