“I am not free while any girl or woman is unfree.” In every country around the world, there are many women and girls who experience various forms of violence simply for being who they are – women and girls. According to the World Health Organization, one in three women, around 736 million people, will be subjected to physical and/or sexual violence over their lifetime at the hands of an intimate partner or non-partner.

Girls who get married before turning 18 are less likely to finish school and more likely to face GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE. One of the most common types of sexual abuse, particularly among adolescent females, is early or child marriage. We think that in order for girls to attain their full potential, they should always be supported in their right to life. Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals depends heavily on advancing gender equality and eradicating all types of abuse and harmful behaviours against girls worldwide.

We at WBHF promote and advocate for the dignity of girls through the “Girls not Wives” campaign. A few days ago, we organized another outreach programme to create and raise awareness among teenage girls enrolled in a senior secondary school in Kaduna State.

There is a bright tomorrow in the eyes of every girl-child, therefore we choose to look to a future where women and girls live with dignity, are healthy, have choices, and access to equal opportunities like their male counterparts.

Join the campaign to end this vice!


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