It’s another day! How often are we excited or perhaps frightened to hear such statements? If nothing, the year 2020 has taught us that it takes just 24 hours or maybe much less, to alter everything we had in our mental or physical vaults as ‘another day’. Hence, the importance of posing this question, another day of what exactly?

Believe us when we say that we’ve often wondered why almost each day of our 365-calendar days seems to be allotted to something specific or special by the United Nations and why we just have to ‘roll with it,’ right? Doesn’t it get exhausting? Well, in an ideal universe, it would and should be exhausting but then think about it, ideal universes don’t have war-torn countries or mass socio-economic gaps; there’s no racism or tribalism; corruption or terrorism; gender inequality and injustices; struggle for world domination and power at the expense of the weak; amassing wealth and fame at whatever cost…we could go on and on. Unfortunately, this isn’t an ideal world and it’s nowhere near a perfect spinning universe.

No, it is not just another day. Today reminds us of Mother Teresa and so many like her who have not walked Earth wondering what they can take from it but rather what they can give to it (remember her?) September 5th is globally recognised as the International Day of Charity as a commemoration of the anniversary of the passing away of Mother Teresa of Calcutta who tirelessly undertook various works in the struggle to overcome poverty and distress, which inadvertently constitute a threat to peace.

She is one of thousands, nay millions, who through generations have refused to play by the unwritten yet highly acclaimed rule of “survival of the fittest” or “the weak die out and the strong survive”. People daily are choosing to survive together, daily making choices that say none of us is weak if we stand together. That is true strength – realising you aren’t strong if your neighbor is weak, deficient or lacking in one or some areas.

That’s what should make us a truly united front today. So whether it starts from a simple hashtag, a photo exhibition, serving 20 plates of hot food on the streets, businesses donating profits from the sales of the day, distribution of warm clothing, to Ice Bucket Challenge events or trends; let someone out there feel just a tiny piece of your love, warmth, heart and your giving. Enough with the “Heaven helps those who help themselves” syndrome when you are that heaven to a kid on the street or to that person who cannot afford their next plate of meal, medical bill, access to a classroom, an end of the year gift, a roof over their heads et cetera, because it never ends. We can only do our part with the hopes that poverty is alleviated and eventually, truly eradicated from our world.

Do not aim to save the entire world (if you can, please let nothing hold you back), but you can strive to save just the next person around you. And if someone did cross your mind while reading this last part or this entire piece, then please choose to act today. Don’t wait for yet another day.

A very Happy International Day of Charity to us all! You inclusive *winks*.

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