With only 8 years left in delivering the sustainable development goals, it is disheartening to witness how discrimination, stereotypes and bias consistently widen the gaps of gender inequality across the world.

A typical example would be the rejection of all pro-gender bills by the National Assembly in Nigeria on the 1st of March, 2022. The rejection amplified the notion which states that women are only seen as election assets but do not deserve opportunities to be voted for or given political appointments.

Although the concerted efforts by relevant stakeholders in advancing gender equality everywhere have brought about meaningful progress, without doubts, more work needs to be done.

As women all over the world celebrate this special day, it’s important to reiterate that women’s progress is integral to actualizing a more sustainable world. The quest for gender equality is not to displace men rather, it is the extension of a hand of fellowship in driving change for the attainment of the world we all deserve to live in.

Being a woman doesn’t represent mediocrity, weakness or incompetence. Women are powerful and when the needed resources are made available for them to impact positively, they shatter glass ceilings without reservations.

It’s high time we realized that gender inequality is an urgent global crisis and it demands immediate action to close the gaps that exist. However, the first step is to #BreakTheBias.

Women should no longer be relegated at the background on the basis of gender. The most progressive action to take is to ensure equal opportunities and resources are made available for women to fulfil their potentials in all spheres of life, irrespective of race, political inclination, religion or background.

Today, I choose to celebrate women everywhere, from the grassroots to the boardrooms, from agriculture to corporate spaces, for working so hard, regardless of how uneasy it seems, to prove that women are Made of More. I celebrate women who have taken responsibility of ensuring they are not the last to exist in their spheres of influence. 

May more of such women fill our world. 

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