“I hate school but love education” – this has been on the lips of a lot of millenials. And not just millenials, we dare to say it’s the line we never get to say out loud – young and old alike. There has been an ongoing redefinition of what education is and the standards to which we believe it should define us or that it shouldn’t. Whatever the argument may be, one thing remains clear – Education is still the key. It’s been a privilege in lots of cases that we see every day but yet, every child, adult, gender, race, religion or tribe has a right to that key. That right has been earned by simply being human – you have that right, they have that right, we ALL have that right and we deserve to live out this right.

Education therefore is the key to sustainability, enlightenment, progress, understanding, perspective, unity, a better and safer tomorrow. You name it! Many people have had futures they could only hope for and imagine in dreams, if they could even afford to dream; and gaining an education opened a world of possibilities that otherwise would have been shut for life.

A lack of education, on the other hand, will make a dot look like a huge stain or smear; a lack of it is often likened to groping in the dark and not seeing a way of escape. The lack of knowledge often makes us miss out on the nicest of things and the beauty in and around us.

So for us, at Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation, it is our utmost pursuit, priority, hope and desire that every child, every woman and man, has that key to live, build and make better lives for themselves and ultimately, for our world by having that access to a good and whole education.

As the human race, we are all the better for it when we have an educated populous. Not just the few, but all of us. Together.

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