“My Voice, Our Equal Future,” is the theme for this year’s International Day of the Girl-Child as stipulated by the United Nations and we mark October 11, 2020 as the day this year to commemorate the fearless, relentless, and yet grossly unheralded part of the human race. There are about 1.1billion girls under the age of 18 and in this group alone, we have the greatest change-makers, entrepreneurs and the next leading generation of the most promising leaders the world has yet seen.

Girls and women in these times are poised to become the questions that challenge the norm, the rule, the expected and the accepted. And will continue to do so. Ultimately, this would bring about a true and wholesome human experience for every gender, culture, race, religion etc, and for our world at large.

There is but one new global standard: An equal future for a bleak past. We say, ‘together’, what will you say?

Below are the entries for #WBHFOpenLetterChallenge titled, “Open Letter To My Younger Self: What I Wish You Had Known,” where we had our ‘everyday’ heroes write to that young girl they once were. You see, heroes are not always up on our billboards, the front pages of magazine covers or in the headlines of our favorite news channels. Most times, they are in our homes, our circles, our local communities and are impacting our lives every single day.

Let us introduce you to these heroes and here’s what they had to say…

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