Each day from when we bid goodbye, we can never share again in this lifetime,

No words can be said to ease the hurt for you were slain with no just cause,

Disaster struck by the pulling of a trigger, by men who were only too eager,

Sorrows we hold with each passing soul only get bigger as the weeks unfold,

After these dark times, a new dawn dawns.

Revolution starts to roll, we’re no longer pawns.

Struggles we face today surely will be worth the bargain as you, our phoenixes, rise from the ashes from whence you were laid.

You are our heroes; once fallen by a bullet, a beating or a crushing but now, we who are left are left to sing your songs. You have rewritten history for us and for generations to come. And so, we’ll carry this torch because your memories will ALWAYS live on.

And the heroes whose names are not mentioned here.

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