Child protection involves creating structured policies to ensure that children receiving care are protected, ensuring that potential abuse and neglect are detected and addressed, along with general concerns regarding child well-being.
Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation (WBHF) considers the following four principles, included in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), as paramount for the protection of the rights of the child:

  • The right of all children to survival and development
  • The best interests of the child as a primary consideration in all decisions relating to children
  • The right of all children to express their views freely; and
  • The principle of non-discrimination.

Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation, therefore, aims to create environments, where children are respected, protected, empowered and participate in their own protection, and where all staff are skilled, confident, competent and well supported in meeting their protection responsibilities.


Gender equality refers to the equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities of women, men, girls and boys. This implies that the interests, needs and priorities of both women and men are taken into consideration – recognising the diversity of different groups of women and men. Gender equality is not a “women’s issue” but should concern and fully engage men as well as women. Equality between women and men are seen both as a human rights issue and as a precondition for, and indicator of, sustainable people-centered development.

Gender equality is an explicit, internationally recognized human right and the Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation seeks to promote the equal realization of dignity and the elimination of injustice for all genders and ages. Our commitments are founded on the Human Rights Framework and globally agreed principles such as equality and non-discrimination. They are based on international law and regional standards, in particular, the global ambitions set out in the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 8.

To this end, Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation works with marginalized girls and women, and their allies, to address structural barriers to the realization of women’s rights and gender equality; social justice, peace, wellbeing and a life free from violence.


Article 1 of Nigeria’s Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) provides that, “persons with disabilities include those who have long-term physical, mental and intellectual or sensory impairments in which interactions with various barriers may hinder their full and effective participation in society on equal basis with others.”
Such barriers include access to education, healthcare, public facilities, negative stereotypes, dearth to public awareness and understanding of disabilities, and more.

Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation (WBHF) remains committed to creating equal opportunities for persons with disabilities through our programs as well as creating safe spaces for these people to thrive and attain their full potential. We also design our programs keeping in mind the specific barriers to accessing benefits and using innovative approaches to enhance access.


Since inception, Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation has, with your help, been able to reach out to thousands of underprivileged and displaced persons across Nigeria. We recognize the immense role you have played in the success of our operations so far and we are grateful for your continued support and for your trust in us.

At the heart of our core values lie passion and compassion; passion for the causes we champion and compassion for those whom these causes benefit. It is these two core values that largely influence our decision to, henceforth, capture only images of our beneficiaries that are uplifting with the aim of preserving their dignity as human beings.

This will be done only after we have obtained their consent via our consent form. For accountability purposes, we will continue to publish pictures of our team members and volunteers at work at our various outreaches. We also maintain adequate records and documentation of impact through our newsletters, annual reports and other publications. This will take effect from the 1st of August, 2020.
Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation remains dedicated to reigniting the hopes of the hurting and working towards a world where everyone has a fighting chance and no one is left behind.