At Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation, we believe that ALL children deserve access to education, regardless of social or economic background. Unfortunately, in many communities across Nigeria, several economically disadvantaged children do not have this access and ultimately resort to whatever means they can to survive.

This is why we designed our Street2School project; to give these children a fighting chance. Our project seeks to provide children with educational materials and, where we can, to put them through school in order to ensure that they have access to a better quality of life.

Over the years, WBHF has awarded academic scholarships to children in different states. Our Top 7 most outstanding students are:

JONATHAN GAMBO: 14 years old/ Adamawa state

REBECCA DAUDA: 9 years old/ Niger state

JOY BUBA: 9 years old/ Adamawa state

RACHEL DELE: 10 years old/ Kaduna state

BLESSING THLAMA: 11 years old/ Borno state

WADZANI THLAMA: 6 years old/ Borno state

USIJU THLAMA: 9 years old/ Borno state

Written by: Eniola Amu


Jonathan is one of Street2School’s most outstanding scholarship recipients. He is from North-eastern Nigeria, a region greatly affected by terrorist attacks. Jonathan’s life was drastically changed by one of such attacks. There was a grenade blast which claimed many lives and although Jonathan survived, he lost his right arm.

Jonathan comes from a household that lives well-beneath the global poverty index of $2 a day but has always had a tenacious spirit. Even after the traumatic experience, he remained hardworking and dreamed big. In 2015, we at WBHF saw how much potential this young boy with big dreams had. We awarded him a full scholarship to pursue his education. Since then, Jonathan has performed exceptionally in school, always at the top of his class. Although he has mastered writing and working with his left arm, a prosthetic arm will make these much easier. To this end, the foundation is working towards getting one for him.

Jonathan aspires to be a lawyer in future because he wants to seek justice for others. There are many other young boys and girls like Jonathan, who need help actualizing their infinite potential but we have not been able to reach as many as we would like. We need the support of everyone that has the means to ensure children are not limited by their backgrounds and/ or the disabilities they live with.

Written by: Ijana Hills


Rebecca is an orphan who has never been to a school but always wished to have an opportunity to get an education. In 2018, WBHF and Neriah Academy organized a program for young children in a community in Niger state. Rebecca was awarded a scholarship to attend the academy because we saw the zeal and passion in her. We are so happy to see her do exceptionally well and top her class. She aspires to become a Nurse. We are certain that her future is secure.


Joy is a young girl who lives with her grandmother. Due to the unfortunate terrorist attacks in that region, Joy was not able to attend school. In 2015, WBHF awarded her an academic scholarship. Joy is doing great and we strongly believe that Joy has a bright future ahead of her. We are happy that Joy is now able to live out her dream of accessing quality education and pursuing an amazing career in years to come.


Rachel is a brilliant girl who lives in Kaduna with her family. Her desire is to become a doctor in future because she wants to help save lives while being successful and phenomenal at her job. She is very passionate about learning and improving herself. Her love for school and exceptional grades earned her a Street2School scholarship. Watch out for our super girl, Rachel.


Growing up as a child, I was privileged to be in school and not on the streets. I had the opportunity to learn in a classroom and not roam on the streets, hawking. I always had a grin because education gave me a token that cannot be traded.

Unlike my “lucky” self, a lot of children haven’t had the opportunity to find themselves in classrooms to be taught. For this reason, the Street2School project by WBHF was established to take children off the streets and put them in schools where they could acquire tangible knowledge that will help them develop themselves and the society at large.

Despite the economic stratification, WBHF believes that NO CHILD should be exempted in getting access to quality and inclusive education.


Blessing, Usiju and Wadzani are perfect examples of children who had limited access to quality education in North-Eastern Nigeria. Their father was killed by terrorists in Borno state and all hope seemed to be lost but a year ago, they were awarded scholarships through our Street2School project and are all doing exceptionally well (Top 3 in class).

Some of our Street2School scholarship recipients could not communicate or understand our common language, “English” whereas today, these children have learnt how to read, write and communicate explicitly in English language.

With this, we are encouraged to push the button to keep fighting to ensure that every child gets access to quality education regardless of their present status quo. It is for this reason that we say, “EVERY CHILD IS YOUR CHILD.”

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