There’s a very popular picture (I think it was on Twitter, Instagram or some other platform as well) and the words go as thus,

Interviewer: What’s your advice to the coming generation?


Now, how many of us ‘adults’ can relate to that? How often have we thought to ourselves, “what I wouldn’t give to just go back to age so and so?” Right? I at least can admit I have.

It’s simple really, being a child in its own stead is one of the most remarkable phases in a human’s life. It’s filled with memories of singing on the drive to school, sweating under the scorching sun just to play soccer, biggest worry being whether or not your teacher will pick you for the school play, who you’d sit on the same row with in class today, what snack was put in your bag, if mummy and daddy got you the exact same shoe that you saw in the commercial the other day, a grown adult trying so hard to make funny impressions to get a smile on that little one’s face (that’s harder than most of our jobs, if you ask me!)

So much fun you wouldn’t ever think there’s a care in this world!

Well, I like to say, there are two sides to every coin. While many of us have the fondest of memories and pray that our kids have it way better than we did, that we’re able to afford the finest things in life; a great education, comfort, vacations and the likes (and we hope we will). . .sadly, that’s not every child’s story. Some memories are too painful to remember, darn hurtful that you put under lock and key and many children today are living out those same nightmares.

So much lack that your favorite meal only comes on the holidays if you’re lucky? Number of kids that are out of school vs in school? Mind-boggling global warming occurrences that make you wonder if kids tomorrow would know what a tree looks like? Mass school shootings? War, airstrikes, famine? Child terrorists through no fault of theirs? Kidnappings and abductions? Rape? Let’s just not get started on all the alarming statistics!!!

Bitter-sweet, huh? It is indeed.

Now, this isn’t to dampen our Children’s Day spirit in any shape or form. But maybe, just maybe, today isn’t at all a bad day to reflect on our every day choices. After today is gone and May 27th becomes yesterday, we really should ask ourselves what kind of day are we really offering our children tomorrow? Will it be worth celebrating?

Now, let’s chin up, have fun, post our fondest memories, feel the light and love in the air. But, let’s not forget, let’s not forget to fight for the rights of children everywhere — in every village, county or state, country, tribe, religion or race. Though slow a pace it may seem, it’s those tiny little steps we took as babes that eventually turned into big giant strides. Call it a leap of faith.

Let’s remember May 27th with so much fondness that we are pushed to make the spirit of Children’s Day every other day too. And not just today.

I wish us the best May 27th Day yet! A truck load of love, from me to every child out there and to that child in each and every one of us.

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