She is a warrior that fights battles against comparison each day,

She has tears that make her laughter worth all the pain,

And fears that make her moments of courage priceless.

She is worthy of applause even though she does not need it,

An inferno of imperfection

A storm of sensitivity,

And a whirlwind of wonder.

The girl child is not a second choice,

She is not a possession,

She is a rarity of pure power,

Wrapped in innocence and sealed with love.

There are not enough adjectives to describe the girl child,

But she never needed you to define her anyway.


  1. The girl child, a fantastic gift for which I give God so much praise.😀
    Moyosolaoluwa you bring me so much joy everyday in different ways! I wouldn’t want you to be any other person, you blow my mind , I love you to the sky🤩💕

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