We have felt this pain for so long a time. There has been no remedy to ease our suffering, no prescription to take the hurt away. So, we have decided to wear our wounds like a badge and proudly say that those taken away from us will not be forgotten. Those whose lives, hopes and dreams were cut short by the very individuals who were charged with their safety.

Every life taken is another resolve that we should and we can not stop: the system of bad governance or quite frankly, no governance at all in our country Nigeria, will no longer be given the chance to manipulate the experiences of the Nigerian citizen to its own self-serving interests; the grief we hold on to is already fuelling the flames of change and driving us to demand a better today, for only then will tomorrow be assured.

The #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutality protests are not just about police brutality, not just about police reform, not just about increasing the meager salaries of police amongst many disheartening issues affecting both the people and the police system. The #EndSARS protests are for the system to be accountable and do the necessary things to make every sector of the country functional, efficient and better. Going up the pyramid chain from the judiciary, the legislative to the executive arms of government.

Those in power seem to not understand what it means to be A NIGERIAN. We are not a people divided by tribe, religion, background or otherwise. We, the new Nigerians, are a breed unlike any before us.

Our struggle is our bond, it is our mantra for progressive and positive change. The struggle of those of us left behind is what unites us to challenge the system and demand real change. The kind of change that sparks a revolutionary improvement of the Nigerian life and identity as a whole. 

Allow me to impress upon you some words from Dele Farotimi:

“Every journey begins with the very first step. The fired bullet cannot be recalled, and even if we might not be privileged to live to see the Nigeria that we want, the truths that we shall have told, are seeds in the womb of time, and the written visions shall be ran with someday”

I hope my words reach every Nigerian, I hope it reaches the world and that you feel what we’ve felt for so long. That our struggle is justified, our struggle is not an overreaction to the many disregard for our civil liberties. We are a government of the people, by the people and for the people! A Nigeria not for one, but for all.

This is our stand.

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  1. Beautiful ❤️…. we would continue to fight till our voices are heard! Surely! Change indeed is coming ✊🏾 #EndSars#EndPoliceBrutality#EndBadGovernance

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