Our Vision

A world where everyone has a fighting chance and no one is left behind.

Our Mission

Reigniting the hopes of the hurting, especially women and children.

Our Objectives

  • To harness and focus on the potentials of the less-privileged towards skills acquisition, training and empowerment
  • To advocate for gender equality and to ensure every girl and woman lives a life of dignity
  • To support children in schools with scholarships and donations of food, shelter, clothing and stationery.
  • To raise funds for, and give aid to internally displaced people affected by insurgency and terrorist attacks.

Our Core Values


Creativity and Innovation


Passion and Compassion


Equality and Justice


Integrity and Accountability

Our Mantra

WBHF Mantra

At Wadi Ben-Hirki Foundation, we strongly believe that advocating for a great future where the world becomes a better place without empowering the child today is a step in the wrong direction and this led to the mantra, “every child is your child”.

It is in the best interest of everyone, everywhere to work towards creating or supporting platforms that allow children reach their fullest potentials because they are our most valuable assets. Without a doubt, when children are not nurtured rightly, they grow up to impact negatively on our societies by being champions of various vices. It is therefore, our collective responsibility to begin the necessary investments in children, irrespective of race, religion, or nationality.

We owe it to ourselves to have a brighter tomorrow and we can significantly achieve this when we realize that #EveryChildisYourChild.   

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